ZANU PF youth league Boss   ,John Paradza  visits Youth Centre  “Chillspot Records Read more


05 Jul, 2022 | Posted By:
ZANU PF youth league Boss ,John Paradza visits Youth Centre “Chillspot Records Read more

NEWLY elected Zanu PF youth league deputy national secretary, John Paradza, visited youths centre “chillspot records “ as first point of call in office 


He invites Collins Mnangwa for a recording session,physical battle and he also takes time to listen to chillspot co-founders Levels & Fantan grievances and has noted some of the concerns which he promised to take up to the President as the youth chair who has youths at heart. He put out a message on a mixtape produced by chill-spot records which is emphasizing on the issue of drug abuse saying “the youths must stay away from drugs “ 

He also mentioned that they will be coming with different programs that will help the youth  in keeping them busy by opening new markets ,issuing farm lands to the youths, rebuilding Mbare musika .


John Para urged youths to take an active interest in developing the country, and took a swipe at the opposition youths who are being sponsored by the donor community to effect regime change in Zimbabwe.

Opposition parties have run down the country's towns and cities, he promised to renovate all the market places 


That is why as a party our leadership concentrates on agriculture, economic empowerment and other projects. Like the President says, 'Nyika inovakwa navene vayo' brick-by-brick, not by people who are being sponsored by non-governmental