Woman pleads for help


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Woman pleads for help "4 men failed to impregnate me"  Read more

When I was a teenager, I fell in love with a much older man who was very rich. I thought we would be together forever, so when I realized I was 2 months pregnant, I was sure he would see it as something to bring us together.

I wasn’t shocked at the suggestion of an ab0rtion, but the way he began to treat me as a transaction hurt. He took me to a different town across the nation and spent the whole drive back explaining why it was my fault we had to break things off.

Few years later, I met another man at the agricultural show. He did not tell me that he was a married man. He disappeared after I told him I had missed my period.

I knew immediately that choosing to end my pregnancy was the right choice for me. Thankfully, I was able to ab0rt safely. I have felt like I had to justify my ab0rtion because of stigmatizing narratives by saying things like, “I wasn’t financially stable.”

I was able to graduate from collegeand got a good job. I now want to have a child but I’m failing to conceive. I have had unprotected s.e.x with 4 boyfriends countless times but I keep seeing my periods.

Does having an ab0rtion affect your ability to have children in the future?