Woman confesses

22 Mar, 2021 | Posted By:
Woman confesses " I slept with my boyfriend’s best friend and fell pregnant "

Dear Aunty Lisa

This is the second time that I am writing to you. I did not hear from you the first time, but perhaps you did not get my first letter. I will be 21 soon. My boyfriend is 25. Let me keep it as short as possible, I am pregnant but the child is not his.

He thinks that he is the one who got me pregnant and he tells everybody how good he feels because he has a baby mother. The other guy who got me pregnant says I should allow my boyfriend to take care of me and he would stay in the background because he cannot support me.
Nobody knows about our little secret. Both men are of dark complexion, so I am not worried about the colour of the baby’s skin. You may wonder how I got involved with two men. Both of these men are friends and they work in the same organisation.

 I slept over at boo’s crib and he was having some wise waters with his friend. I cheated on my boyfriend the same night. I know it was not my boyfriend who got me pregnant because he used the C0ND0M and when we were finished having s.e.x, I checked it and it worked. The other guy did not use a C0ND0M and he was in a hurry to have s.e.x and he discharged in me.

When I missed my period and told him that he got me pregnant, he told me that I should either give it to my boyfriend or dash it away. He has a girlfriend and she has three children for him. My boyfriend does not have any children. But suppose when this child is born it resembles the other guy, what would I do? Aunty, I need your advice right away.