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Tocky Vibes I Am Living My Dream & Happy

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09 May, 2020 | Posted By: celeb Reporter
Tocky Vibes I Am Living My Dream & Happy

Tocky Vibes says the support he gets from fans on extended lockdown has made him strong and realise his worth. The 26-year-old, who has featured on ZTN and Nash TV lockdown shows screened via Facebook, said he was humbled by the feedback he gets from fans.

“I’m really living my dream as fans continue to show me love through their feedback,” said the lanky performer

“By the way, I am one person who spends much of the time in the studio recording new songs and featuring other artistes but when lockdown came, many of us were affected.

“In my case, I was humbled by the support that I get from fans who came up with these platforms where we can showcase our talent on lockdown.

“These platforms have also helped us to link up with our fans out there who can interact with us on social media.”

The 26-year-old who had a good day in office midweek when he shared the stage with Winky D among other chanters said he was ready to repay fans.

“When fans are loyal to you as was the case with me, you are bound to have that strong feeling of wanting to work hard.

“In my case, I can record on daily basis but now I record at least three songs a week,” he said.

Asked how the lockdown affected him, Tocky added:

“I was supposed to launch my sixth album Dhongi Newaya but in March but I could not because of lockdown.

Since then, I have been recording new songs to keep myself busy and I have close to 60 songs which are done and dusted.

“I’m considering launching my album live on Facebook and see how it goes.

“I have also realised that we can utilise the Facebook platform to boost our careers.

“In fact, lockdown must not means that we need to be on mute as is the case with many of us.

“Lockdown or no doubt, I will now utilise such platforms as social media as they help us to link up with fans.”


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