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Ti gonzi is not moved by holy 10 Music

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09 Mar, 2021 | Posted By:
Ti gonzi is not moved by holy 10 Music "Siyai varire vapfanha"

The kure hit maker Tinashe gonzara Stage name Ti gonzi is not moved by Holy 10 music who is said to be the new hiphop star at the moment. Holy 10 music is now the talk of the town and he is believed to be the best hiphop artist at the moment.

Ti gonzi for the past years he had no competition he was crowned the king of hiphop but now its nolonger safe because of the New voice "holy ten" Holy 10 music describes the real ghetto life and motivations ,Ti gonzi is not bothered about him being the man of the moment earlier on Ti gonzi posted a post directed to Holy 10 music

Ti gonzi speaks
"Vasiyei varire vapfana ava"

See screenshot below