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Sir Wicknell's sister speaks

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10 Mar, 2021 | Posted By:
Sir Wicknell's sister speaks " Akamwiswa wet ye gudo nemukadziwake" Moe with more V11s See pictures

 Sir Wicknell has one O Level subject and he was given a love potion by Sonja: Moe with more V11s. So Yesterday Moe the sister of popular businessman Sir Wicknell CHivayo posted a number of pictures exposing her brother and his marriage as she revealed where Wicknell’s moneyreally comes from the right.

Well, she is not done yet, she is dishing out more and from the looks of things, she is not stopping anytime soon. Moe reveals Sir Wickell’s source of money, Mbiya and hari exposed – V11s. 

The drma at the Chivayos has heightened up again after Moe responded with some serious V11s to sir Wicknell Chivayo’s video which he posted yesterday as he indirectly replied to Moe. She revealed how academic sir Wicknel level is see the picture below Okay let’s talk about this .

He has One C pa Olevel ku Wood Work but how did he manage to have those brains and all that money? She dished more too, see the picture below