Sangoma dumps hubby after client with BIG engine hit all her “ V” corners’ during Lula lula Read more


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Sangoma dumps hubby after client with BIG engine hit all her “ V” corners’ during Lula lula Read more

A married sangoma left people tongue-tied when she allegedly ditched her husband for a client she had reportedly cured of erectile dysfunction.

Sarudzai Dube from Mudzenga Village under Chief Nemangwe in Gokwe who seemed to have been seduced by her client Killion Madede’s “giant” manhood she had reportedly seen while attending to him, demanded to sleep with him claiming it was a way of finding out if his “fixed” weapon was now rising to the occasion.

Madede from Nicholas Village, who initially refused Sarudzai’s demand for se_x, later cowed into submission after Sarudzai passionately begged him claiming enjoying se_x with him was also part of the healing process.

With the claim that this was part of the healing process, Madede reportedly agreed to go for a “se_x test”. After discovering that Madede’s p*nis was now a well-oiled machine which had satiated her desire for s_ex, Sarudzai then decided to ditch her husband for him.


BMetro gathered that Madede’s manhood stopped working soon after the death of his wife.

“Madede suspected that it was his late wife who had cursed it since it (manhood) stopped working soon after her death. It was always falling when it was time to poke.

“So, after about two years he then consulted Sarudzai who is a sangoma for help. After being attended to for some days Sarudzai told him that his er*ction had been restored,” said a source from the area who wished to remain anonymous.

Sarudzai who seemed to have discovered that her client was well-endowed then demanded to indulge in se_x with him claiming it was part of the healing process.


Madede initially refused since the sangoma is married. In a bid to seduce him Sarudzai went to his house at around midnight demanding to indulge in se_x with him claiming it was an order from her spirit. She also claimed she wanted to see if he had fully recovered,” said the source.

Determined to find out if his er*ction was back, a cornered Madede is said to have consented to indulging in se_x with Sarudzai.

After discovering that Madede knows his story between the sheets, Sarudzai who apparently wanted the poking to be a regular thing started complementing him saying he was a tiger in bed.

“She complemented him saying se_x with him was so sweet and his manhood was now a well-oiled machine. In a fit of jealousy, Sarudzai who seemingly did not want her cured client to do it with other women decided to ditch her husband for Madede.

“She packed her belongings and left the house telling her husband Davison Chikomba that she was now going to stay with Madede,” added the source.

To make matters worse she went on to describe how Madede does it in bed.

Seeing that his wife had packed her belongings, Chikomba quickly approached Chief Nemangwe accusing Madede of snatching her.


When the matter came to my attention, I called the three parties and asked them what had happened. Madede confessed that he slept with Sarudzai after she forced him saying it was part of the healing process.

“He said he initially refused until Sarudzai came to his house at night and begged him to sleep with her. This was also after she claimed that her spirit wanted him to have se_x with her.

“Surprisingly, when Madede was being assisted by Sarudzai, her husband was also part of the healing process.

After Sarudzai’s husband confessed that they both assisted Madede, I concluded that Madede didn’t commit an offence.

This was also after Sarudzai claimed the se_x act with Madede was part of the healing process.

“I however, warned Madede that in the event that Sarudzai came to stay with him or continue sleeping with him that is when Chikomba will be eligible to sue him for adul_tery,” said Chief Nemangwe.

Chief Nemangwe said Sarudzai was now stalking Madede going to his house day and night demanding se_x from him.

“Madede had since deserted his homestead because of Sarudzai who is now stalking him for se_x.

He is now staying with his relatives and Sarudzai’s clothes are still packed waiting to go to Madede’s house. She is always swearing that she can’t imagine her life without Madede,” said Chief Nemangwe.