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Queen Tatelicious reveals her Crush on Enzo ishall Today on his birthday 

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23 Apr, 2021 | Posted By:
Queen Tatelicious reveals her Crush on Enzo ishall Today on his birthday  "Ndoda kuita mwana na Enzo " read more

Well known socialite Queen Tatelicious today revealed her Crush on Enzo ishall During his birthday celebrations  she commented on Facebook  that "My man crush Enzo ishall, continue to be sweet hunny.

In 2013, Zimbabweans overwhelmingly voted to adopt a new Constitution that continued to protect the sanctity of marriage as the legal union between males and females, as recognised by our cultural heritage as Africans. However, that has not stopped the LGBTI lobby. Below, we publish the story of a Zimbabwean man who has transformed himself into a woman. It is noteworthy that NO evidence was provided to back up the claims. A human rights imperative, science at work, a sign of the end of times, or outright insanity.

These are among the different arguments propounded by people around the world when American man Bruce Jenner recently unveiled himself to the world as a woman called Caitlyn.

Zimbabweans have shown they are not to be outdone. Well, at least one Zimbabwean.

Tatelicious proudly flaunts her curvaceous figure during a picture session last week – Pictures: Believe Nyakudjara

Tatelicious, born Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe, has spent more than US$80 000 to transform himself into a woman.

Now legally a woman after registering as a female with the Registrar-General’s Office, Tatelicious caused a stir when she walked into The Sunday Mail offices last Wednesday for a scheduled interview.

Wearing designer high heels, winter stockings, denim miniskirt, chiffon blouse and Pierre Cardin coat, Tatelicious (who said the clothing was worth over £3 500, or US$5 540) said she was ready to die for her right to transform from male to female.