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People stealing Soul Jah Love’s Unreleased Songs/projects

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01 Mar, 2021 | Posted By:
People stealing Soul Jah Love’s Unreleased Songs/projects

 Jah Love’s unreleased songs have gone missing according to his family, ZTN reports. This was revealed by the Zimdancehall Chanter ‘s brother Solomon who said the laptop containing the recently descended musician’s unreleased songs and memory card went missing just after the musician’s death.

Solomon said he believes the laptop and memory card are in the hands of a prominent music producer when he spoke to the publication and urged the said producer to do the right thing:

Look our approach is that we want to resolve matters amicably but we have our strong suspicions. There is a prominent music producer we believe has these items and we are giving him a chance to do the right thing.

A family member has been tasked with pursuing dialogue with the said producer but if that fails we have no option but to report the matter to the police. We don’t want to wash our dirty linen in public hence our desire to pursue dialogue ahead of drama.

Solomon said Soul Jah Love’s Unreleased songs are part of his estate and they will do their best to keep his legacy alive:

Those songs are his property; they belong to his estate along with the several properties he left. In fact, the songs he left behind could be more than 200 because here was a guy who could just compose a song in a matter of minutes.