Olinda Chapel Press Release Ndarambana Na Tytan Asi Tichachengeta Nandi Together

04 Feb, 2020 | Posted By: celeb Reporter
Olinda Chapel Press Release Ndarambana Na Tytan Asi Tichachengeta Nandi Together

UK based socialite Olinda Chapel has issued out a press statement amid their scrimmage with Tytan.
Chapel did not show much of her emotions and she appreciated the fact that her daughter will have both parents as she grows.

The two parted ways mid last year and they have finally filed for divorce and it alleged that Tytan managed to get a UK Citizenship out of the whole saga.

Below is Olinda’s Press Statement.

In my own words . . .

I do not think it’s fair for me to stay in a marriage I am no longer wanted. I have always been for my marriage despite the problems or issues.

No one prayed harder than me for God to fix my family. It’s all I ever wanted. But there comes a time where one has to let go. A beautiful child was born from it.
Despite my hurt, I love my daughter more than anything in the world. And she loves her daddy. So I choose to put my own feelings and hurt aside so that she grows with both her parents in her life.

I choose to do right by her. If he is never a part of her life it will not be by my doing, but by his own choice. Right now we are both focusing on co-parenting our daughter and keep her in a happy space.

As a community this is what needs to be encouraged.

The rest we leave to God

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UNITED Kingdom-based businesswoman, Olinda Nyaradzo Nkomo (nee Chapel) has officially called off her union with musician, Tytan Skhokho, real name, Njabulo Nkomo accusing her estranged husband of being an opportunist.

The 34-year-old mother of three has filed summons against Nkomo telling the High Court that she was too blinded to notice that he only married her in a bid to get British citizenship.

Titan walked out on Olinda a few months after their wedding after the couple was blessed with a baby girl.

This was after Nkomo’s wooing escapades with another woman, alleged to be Olinda’s friend, emerged.

Olinda complained that she was used as a conduit and as such, the marriage should be cancelled.

“At the time that the marriage was entered into, defendant (Nkomo) intended it to be a marriage of convenience and a conduit for the sole purpose of the acquisition of immigration papers entitling defendant to remain and reside permanently in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island and by virtue of plaintiff (Olinda’s) permanent immigration status in that country,” read part of the summons.

“The plaintiff seeks an annulment of the marriage between the parties which is a nullity more particularly in that at the time that the parties entered into the marriage and exchanged vows, no valid marital union was created as plaintiff was not aware that defendant was entering into the marriage exclusively for the purpose of his acquisition of immigration papers entitling defendant to

remain in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and by virtue of plaintiff’s permanent immigration status,” Olinda’s lawyers AB & David further submitted.

The summons were filed on January 31 2020.

Olinda and Nkomo got married in Harare on June 29 2018 and the marriage still subsists. Their union has been criticised as fake by some Zimbabweans after the two jumped into marriage soon after Olinda had come out of a messy marriage and split with musician Desmond Stunner Chideme.

In her summons, Olinda supported the claim saying, “there were no valid marital union as there was no meeting of the minds at the time the parties entered into the marriage.”

She said she believed Nkomo really loved her.

The United Kingdom-based socialite said it will be equitable if she be granted custody of the couple’s minor child while Nkomo gets reasonable access.

She also wants Nkomo to pay maintenance for their little girl until she reaches the age of majority.

“It is just equitable that each party keeps the property that is in his or her exclusive possession,” she asked the court.

The parties have not lived together since July 31, 2019.

The case is yet to be set down for hearing.


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