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Olinda chapel listed 30 facts of zvinhu zvakaitwa na Mai titi out of Pressure Read more

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08 Jan, 2023 | Posted By:
Olinda chapel listed 30 facts of zvinhu zvakaitwa na Mai titi out of Pressure Read more


1. You are in debt because you wanted to compete with a renewal of vows (not even a wedding) 😅
2. You have been engaged at least 3 times in a space of 1.5 years 🤨
3. You were never legally married but stood in a field to make the public happy - no marriage certificate to  show up to today 😛
4. Your Facebook tete bororwed you money to marry yourself for likes 💅🏽
5. Your wedding was sponsored. You can’t even have wedding pictures without someone’s logo on them. 🤣
6. Your groomsmen where all models from a clothing shop 🙃
7. Your “marriage” lasted 92 days and you are still in debt ! 😂
8. You lied that money was stolen from you to cover the fact that you have been living off peoples round money 🙄
9. You have lied you are building a 16 bed house (your name isn’t at the deeds office) anyone can pay and search for a name 🧐
10. You lied you are building a mall 👎
11. You lied that you have trucks 😟
12. You lied that you bought cars but yet cars are seen parked at the sales garage straight after 😯
13. You have lied you bought combi’s 🙄
14. You accuse Everyman that rejects you 🙌🏻
15. You said you sold all your assets to pay back money but still all the above assets wasn’t enough to pay back peoples money 🤪🤪🤪
16. Wakutadza kugara kumba kwako kutiza zvikwereti. 😎
17. Imba yese ikaita skit yekuti fully furnished house 🏠 
18. Mota ye birthday yaiva nevaridzi 🫣
19. Ukanyepera mwana relationship iwe wakabhadharwa kuti umuunze ku UK 
20. Gore riya ukati unemurungu 🫠

Lies lies lies and more lies. Apo you love lying on live videos 

I am your role model. I am EVERYTHING you claim to be. I am EVERYTHING you want to be. So you project. 

Everything you touch crumbles. You have NOTHING tangible to show for your miserable life so you want to make us all miserable in the process. No wonder you have no success at all because you will never wish anyone well. 

You are just an extremely bitter person. Learn to love yourself first ! 

Girl bye