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Nigel Gwirikwiti Analysis Tytan & Olinda Who Is The Victim

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29 Feb, 2020 | Posted By: celeb Reporter
Nigel Gwirikwiti Analysis Tytan & Olinda Who Is The Victim

Clearly, it’s very difficult to ascertain who is telling the truth between Titus and Olivia . Their narrations are tangentially juxtaposed .But for a moment , let’s conceptualize this though a prism not polluted with myopia and misguided loyalty . 

Be that as it may , the following are undeniable facts :
i)Olivia is a drama Queen. She loves attention 
ii) Olivia consistently went on the streets of social media and selfishly declassified private dossiers of Titus to Netizens .
iii) Titus is a very private person . He remained quiet for a long period of time . He did not respond,  in the streets of social media .
iv) the society is naturally sympathetic to woman,  in most cases illogically at the expense of men . There are societal stigmas on men who reveal that their women are abusive to them . Consequently, men stay quiet when abused. This explains why suicidal rates are higher on men compared  . Men feel they don’t have any recourse.If they come out, they become the laughing stock . 
v) Titus is financially crippled 
vi)women who make more money and are materially mightier than the men are usually controlling and mentally , physically and financially abusive to their husbands . In this regard, the chances that Olivia was abusive to Titus are higher.
vii)notwithstanding the reality that the declassification of Olivia’s protected medical dossiers by Titus is both morally and  legally flawed, it violates the HIPPA laws ; but the information furnished is true . It’s very plausible that this mentally tormented Titus and thought revealing it would be part of the mental therapy. 

Given this reality, notwithstanding that Titus erred by declassifying Olivia’s sensitive information   ; he could be the victim. Hypothetically, if Titus were the one who did not disclose his HIV status, I know women and all feminists will be conveniently crucifying not only Titus but all men . 

It’s plausible that Titus is the victim, in this particularity! There is lot of shred of truth and logic in his narration . The man did shed some tears . Those were not crocodile tears. Clearly the man is psychologically, mentally and socially tormented. He is hurting if not hating ! 

It’s hard to be a man !!!


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