Nigel Gwirikwiti Analysis Dear Auxiliary Mnangagwa


08 Jan, 2020 | Posted By: celeb Reporter
Nigel Gwirikwiti Analysis Dear Auxiliary Mnangagwa

Dear Auxiliary Mnangagwa,

I hope this communication finds you well. The peculiar disposition you have been exhibiting behoves me to address my concerns.Firstly , in my capacity as a citizen of the Republic, and secondly as a citizen of the Commonwealth of Academia/ Intelligentsia.

I have observed, with clarity that you have been masquerading as a philanthropist, manipulating the less privileged citizenry. Being a pathetic opportunistic that you are , you have been mendaciously executing political gimmicks countrywide . All these insincere dispositions are aimed at portraying you as a First Lady- with a gold heart .

Without any equivocation, let me explicitly state that your Husband, Mr Lipstick is an impost. Overwhelmingly, citizenry refused to give him the mandate to govern them . Consequently, by default, your claims of being a “First Lady “ are void ab initio ( from the beginning) to the extent of the limitations of Mr Lipstick’s illegitimacy as outlined in our sovereign constitution.

The primacy of my bone of contention with you is that you are a con artist . If you were sincere , as you desperately claim , you would have :
i) condemned the brutal assassinations of civilians by the army, in August 2018 . The massacre was orchestrated by your husband
ii) without any equivocation denounced the ill treatment and misuse of the law by General Ponzi towards his wife
iii) discouraged your husband from financially lynching state resources by expensively and expansively flying worldwide , at the expense of citizenry
iv) publicly denounced the mercilessly butchering of citizenry by the notorious Mashurugwi
v)spoken unequivocally against the rape and tortures that were orchestrated by Zanu thugs, on civilians because of political affiliations

In lieu of being an authentic philanthropist, you mendaciously flash selfies and pictures masquerading as the First Lady, with a gold heart . Furthermore, callously you are exhibiting your insensitivity, insincerity at the expense of the generality of citizenry.

I hope you pay heed to my aforementioned concerns. Consider yourself advised accordingly.

Yours frustrated ,

Daddy Gwiri

P.S how come you have become a yellow bone over night ?


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