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Mudiwa Lyon Defends Stunner Tell Dyonne To Tell Chokwadi

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23 Jun, 2020 | Posted By: celeb Reporter
Mudiwa Lyon Defends Stunner Tell Dyonne To Tell Chokwadi

Mudiwa Lyon is coming out strong with a warning for Stunners wife Dyonne after she posted that Stunner arikurara nemunin’ina wake. Dyonne posted this on her instagram timeline and deleted the post after is went viral on social media. Mudiwa Lyon WHO HAS ALWAYS supported Stunner is coming to his defense and promised to do a live soon.

Mudiwa Lyon posted that Stunner was innocent and that Dyonne needed to telll the truth, and encouragesd Stunner to stay strong that she had his back, and that this story did not start recently, Dyonne one dzungu and I am going to tell the whole story said Mudiwa.

Stunner Zimbabwe’s top hip hop artists is back in the headlines this time for the wrong reasons. His wife  Dyonne Tanaka posted on her Instagram story line that Stunner arikurara nemunin’ina wake and amuudze kuti anomuuraya akataura.  Dyonne posted this on her timeline and deleted the post. 

Social media street generals were on the scene and copied the posts. When the posts were spreading like wild fire on social media Dyonne started saying her account was hacked. This is a common statement that celebrities in Zimbabwe use when they are caught with their pants down. 

Stunner is rumored to of started dating Dyonne when she was 16 years which is the same age of the sister who Stunner has been playing chiramo with. In the Shona culture men like Stunner who like vana vadiki are called Ana Manyengavana.

Stunner should be ashamed and ambarassed because he has a daughter who is turning 18 years this year and goes ahead and kudanana witg  his wife’s young sister who is only 16 years old . Olinda Chapel who is the Ex wife of Stunner posted a live video on Instagram in which she revealed that Dyonnes mom is someone who will not report Stunner or make him accountable . 

Amai va  Dyonne will tell mwana kuti shinga kana kutogara barika na Stunner na Dyonne because she tries to portray fake image said a disgusted Olinda Chapel.  Olinda Chapel also mentioned that during her marriage to Stunner he was sleeping around with vana vadiki . Vana vevanhu vapera na Stunner were Olinda Chapels words when she did the famous live achichema.

El Gringo a social commentator also said that people have know that Stunner has been subjecting   Dyonne to so many things and Dyonne has just kept quiet and her posting what she did was a Cry for Help and people need to help her and not insult her .

Stunner is yet to give his side of the story as many people want to know what really happened and if Stunner should face the law for his actions. Many of Stunners fans are in shock and disbelief at this news because Stunner has always shown maturity and respect for everyone. 

This is a developing story and we will update you as more information becomes available.


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