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Mudiwa hood speaks

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02 May, 2021 | Posted By:
Mudiwa hood speaks "Prophet Passion java is my young brother l have known him since 1990" read more

Gospel rapper and socialite Mudiwa hood has revealed shocking details about Passion Java as he was defending him from the online critics who were attacking him.

To say Passion is drawing crowds because he throws money is a blatant LIE!!, ARIKURIRA, Only time money was thrown to the crowd was at Ximex,but it was me who gave the money…You might not like him but it is pure HATE to say the people do not like him or celebrate him

In another congratulatory message he said :

Congratulations to my young man, Passion Java, known him since he was 3years old, now The Vice President of AAG.

All the best on your new role Twabam, I hope and pray that your leadership will bring in more investments, empower the native men and benefit the ordinary citizen