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Moira Knight Speaks On New Single Akamboimba Kuti Chii

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31 Mar, 2021 | Posted By:
Moira Knight Speaks On New Single Akamboimba Kuti Chii

 Moira Knight, the daughter of legendary Radio DJ, Eric Knight, has announced that she is releasing her single Akamboimba kuti chii (What has she sang) which she says seeks to answer those who are asking about her previous projects.

Moira who is the estranged wife of Dancehall chanter Seh Calaz says she will release the song on 3 April. Speaking to Nehanda Radio, the 27-year-old said:

Basically everyone is always wondering that I am a musician but have never heard my music. Well, this is the answer to their question.

As you know I am a model as well so when I did music previously I did not put much energy into it. I am hoping this new project will boost my profile as a musician.

Moira’s last project was a collection of eight singles released in June 2019. Now she hopes that Akamboimba kuti chii will do better than all her previous projects put together.