Meet  pfambi rume  a man who has lula lula with women for a living


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Meet  pfambi rume  a man who has lula lula with women for a living" I’m a busy man, I charge R350 per round "

Meet the talented man who has s.e.x with women for a living: I’m a busy man, I charge R350 per round. Many started their own businesses, and one of these people is a young man from the Eastern Cape. Many people lost their jobs due to Covid-19. But he started a business unlike any other, which many women love. This is because he’s a male magosha! The 34-year-old from Mthatha,Eastern Cape, started his business after he lost his job as a marketing officer in October.

“I looked at all the businesses I could do, but realised most were already operational in our area. I needed something unique,” he said. He said the idea to become a male magosha came to him out of nowhere.

“I realised I could actually make a lot of money. It doesn’t require me to work hard. All I need to do is satisfy women,” he said. He started the business in December, but only got a few clients through word of mouth.

He charges R350 a round and his clients don’t mind paying. “Most of my clients are teachers and nurses and are not from Mthatha. I also have divorced women and widows through referrals,” he said.

He realised he needed more money and used his marketing experience to find more clients. So he made posters, which read: “Male pr0stitute in Mthatha. For women only.”

“My business boomed after the posters. I used to see at least two or three clients a day and now see three or four. I’m a busy man,” he said. He said he was building a house when he lost his job, but couldn’t finish it.

“It’s now finished. I’m working on furniture. When I’m done at home I will work towards buying cars for Uber purposes. Once I’ve bought those cars, I’ll stop what I’m doing and focus on growing that business,” he said.

Asked about his love life, he said he didn’t have agirlfriendand didn’t want one. He said he’d think of a stable relationship once he’d done the things he wanted to do. His brother (30) said he didn’t tell their mum what he did, but only told him.

“I didn’t approve at first, but when I saw the money he was making I wanted to help him with other clients,” he said.

One of his clients, a woman (40), said: “I’ve been single for four years. I didn’t want to get into another relationship, but when I heard about his services I thought why not. There are no strings attached. We poke and kiss goodbye.”

Another client (45) said she’s a widow. “I didn’t want to get into another relationship because I didn’t want my kids to suffer. “There are no strings attached. I pay for the service and don’t have to buy him expensive gifts. By the way, he’s good in bed,” said the happy client.