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Mambo ndini 1202 boss speaks on

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10 Mar, 2021 | Posted By:
Mambo ndini 1202 boss speaks on "What differentiate him from other  socialites"

Business man  Mambo ndini being the CEO of 1202  HERBAL SOLUTIONS also known as the man who stands with truth and facts today shared  a motivational statement  directed to people who are being fooled by Social media life instead of making money

A large number of Societies brags with Instagram followers with empty pockets .Mambo ndini speaks
"The difference between me an you ,l have 800 followers but l drive a $100 000 usd Mercedes Benz and you have 100 000 followers and $800usd in your pockets"

See screenshot below

Mambo ndini has over 50 branches country wide and also in South Africa and he is still planting more brances he is actually aiming to have more branches worldwide  and it will be an added advantage to most zimbabweans  in terms of employments Herbal 1202 is a registered, verified  herbal clinic.