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Mai TT Tells Olinda Chapel Wakadenha Mago Ketina Tukirwa Aids Yako Read more

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04 Jan, 2023 | Posted By:
Mai TT Tells Olinda Chapel Wakadenha Mago Ketina Tukirwa Aids Yako Read more

Usandiise pamuyedzo iwe I m allowed to comment and say whatever I want even laugh if there s need to . Ketty is not a grade 1 iwewe unodenha then you hate retaliation are you God ? Do you honestly think without your help we won’t live or survive??? You always brag that you are not my class but you still got time to attend a classless show to watch a classless person who is not by any chance your friend for what exactly. You got the attention and we applauded you for your show off but I will not tolerate you bully me because you gave me a few pounds . Money is money even from your worst enemy you can receive it but that does not mean I have to bow Down to your day to day savage . I m not afraid of you I actually feel for you because you are going through a lot after your surgery whilst I’m also going through a lot with my debts and problems. Why don’t we act like grown ups and mind our businesses Madam Millionae? Even your million can’t get you attention. Your classness can’t attract anyone, you only have to stoop low and mention us for you to be heard. Oh come on Olinda , you can do better than that . Please work harder upindeo in the latest group if rich cousins and aunty s wich has got classy and more respected ladies worldwide. We popped in to see who is in it seems your name is not there . That s your playground and kindly leave us ratchets to run the streets. 

Again thank you for getting off your so called high hoarse and coming to grace my event full of classless people as you named us . 

You owned the show but you will never own us . 

Me and you we are water and oil we will never mix . Even if you hire Beyoncé herself on your show or high tea whatever you call it . I won’t be bothered because you will never see my foot 🦶🏾 on your doorstep. It is you always lowering yourself to our standards . Driving all the way to pay for someone you don’t like , what were you really trying to show ?? I saw what you were showing but girl it still needs to heal maybe it will look much better . 

I’m sorry on behalf of Ketty who is insulting you over your status. I have it too but there s nothing I can do I’m not the one being insulted. Wakadenha benzi otokunya and leave us alone . 

I’m not afraid of you especially after seeing you. I felt for you.

Please take care of yourself. Surgery needs more attention