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Mai titi never had a fruitful relationship ,dated 8 man See more

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02 Apr, 2021 | Posted By:
Mai titi never had a fruitful relationship ,dated 8 man See more

Mai titi never had a fruitful relationship even at her tender age mai titi have 2 kids they dont share the same father she then dated Zizoe it couldn't work she then dated The Nigerian guy "Obina" who has  been said he is  a murderer, scammer on social media and they are no more

Mai Titi Felistas Murata Edwards is a Zimbabwean comedian, gospel artiste, entrepreneur and MC. She received the Top Female Entertainment and Social Media Enterprise Business Leader of the Year Award on 26 March 2018 from the Women’s Heritage Society World Organisation.

Felistas Murata Edwards was born in 1985. She attended Mufakose and Glenview High I. She grew up in Harare. Mai Titi is married and has 2 children. She is clothes designer. 

Felistas Maruta reportedly indicated she had tried singing but did not succeed, she then ventured into comedy as and she didn't receive any formal training “As someone who talks too much, I grew up cracking jokes on different issues, making people laugh. All I can say is that making jokes is an inborn thing, and one of my few gifts from the Almighty,” she said.

“I tried to concentrate on my singing career, but after realising that I always make people laugh, on December 22 [2016]I decided to give it [comedy] a try and recorded my first skit and since then, the response has been overwhelming.