Local Gospel artist Kuda Mutsvene home-wrecker

04 Dec, 2019 | Posted By: Miss Gee
Local Gospel artist Kuda Mutsvene home-wrecker

Gospel Musician Kuda Mutsvene has been accused of being a homewrecker.

In a local newspaper,H-Metro ,Mutsvene is alleged to have an extra marrital affair with United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean woman Lynette Mapfeka.

Mapfeka and Marevesa have separated after Calvin stumbled on intimate chats between Kuda and Lynette

In one of the chats, Lynette said let me send you the pics I was telling you I need a wax.

"Ndatone sango ka? (I am now very hairy, right?)… I can’t wait to be all over it."

After coming across the chats, Marevesa told and proved to local tabloid H-Metro chats in question. 

In an interview with the publication, he said,

I came to realise my wife was having an affair with Kuda after I discovered messages on her phone.

…My wife came to Zimbabwe last year in December and that is when they started sleeping with each other.

When I asked them both they initially denied it because they didn’t know I already knew about it and was in possession of some evidence.

My wife said they were only friends, but when I showed her the evidence complete with money transactions sent to Kuda, voice notes, pictures and videos, she admitted to having an affair with Kuda.

The money was for his upkeep as he was struggling to make money from his music and also to support his drug abuse habits.

She is also in another relationship with another guy here in the UK that Kuda doesn’t know about, so she is playing the two

When reached for comment, Kuda denied the allegations saying that he was actually at his in-laws’ paying the bride price for his wife. He insisted that the chats between the two were just innocent .


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