Hubby demands Lula lula 6 times a day Woman cries after giving husband mupfuhwira containing baboon urine Read more


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Hubby demands Lula lula 6 times a day Woman cries after giving husband mupfuhwira containing baboon urine Read more

A BIKITA woman laced her husbanda’s tea with a love potion that contained baboon urin_e leaving the hubby with a prolonged erecti0n and a non-stop se_x drive that lasted for three weeks.


Now two chiefs from the area are confused as to the course of action to take against a female traditional healer who prescribed the love potion.

A polygamous man, Godfrey Ganyau from Munyika village, reportedly suffered a prolonged erecti0n which made him demand se_x up to six times a day for three weeks after his second wife Angelberta Muchena unwittingly laced his tea with a love potion.

The love potion was allegedly intended to make Ganyau boost his se_x drive and scream with passion as well as lose interest in his first wife.


But things took a turn for the worst or better when the husband consistently demanded se_x even when she was tending the fields, cooking and even during a church service.

The larger-than-life story was heard at Chief Mupakwaa’s traditional court where the traditional healer Monica Mukutu has been dragged by Muchena so that she can reverse the love prescription.

This was after Muchena had also confessed to her husband that she gave him love potions she got from Mukutu.


Muchena also confessed that she used the same concoctions to cleanse her private parts before she made love to her husband, as the medicine made her private parts tight and sweet.


Confirming the incident Chief Mupakwa said she summoned Mukutu from Gambakwe Village under Chief Budzi to reverse the concoction which she gave Muchena to give her husband so that he became a tiger in bed but also lose interest in his first wife.

Muchena later approached my court so that I summoned Mukutu after she realised that the love potion mixed with baboon urin_e which she gave to her husband had caused him to suffer a prolonged erection.


Mukutu didn’t dispute that she was the one who had given Muchena the potion before she agreed to reverse it so that Ganyau would have a normal se_x life, said Chief Mupakwa.

He said during the court proceedings Ganyau also narrated his ordeal.

Ganyau said he discovered that something was wrong with him when he started having an excessive and insatiable appetite for se_x. He said for three weeks he would have se_x with Muchena about six times a day and would do anything for her at the expense of his first wife.


He said sometimes they would have it in the field, bush, and kitchen and he would even abandon church services to have se_x with her. Ganyau said what would happen was that whenever his wife looked at him or gave him her back his erect manhood would become painful and that pain 


Chief Mupakwa said following Mukutu’s confession that she was the one who had supplied the love potion to Muchena he referred her to Chief Budzi whose jurisdiction Mukutu’s area falls under.


He said Chief Budzi who was also shocked with the incident said he was yet to come up with a proper judgment against Mukutu.