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Hope chin'ono blasting Prophet Passion java

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02 Mar, 2021 | Posted By:
Hope chin'ono blasting Prophet Passion java "Java is not an influencer" Chin'ono speaks

 influential people's list The feud between award winning journalist Chin'ono and Java might be far from being over. Freelancer journalist Hopewell Chin'ono who once had a tiff with Java has thrown a low blow at the USA based man of cloth.

Chin'ono believes the list of the 40 influential people in Zimbabwe became biased when Java was added. Java appears on the list as the fourth most influential person in Zimbabwe.  This is what Hopewell had to write:

"Don’t pay attention to this nonsense! Once you have Passion Java, and not Stephanie Travers who is the first black woman Engineer in Formula One, then you know that this list is nothing but BS! Look for better young influencers... "

The remarks by Chin'ono are yet to be responded to by Chi Town bred prophet.