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Ginimbi’s rich friend Serge Cabonge reveals what they did during their Dubai trips with slay queens

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01 Mar, 2021 | Posted By:
Ginimbi’s rich friend Serge Cabonge reveals what they did during their Dubai trips with slay queens

Ginimbi’s rich friend Serge Cabonge reveals what they did during their Dubai trips with slay queens. This after the host of Podcast and Chill with MacG, real name MacGyver Mukwevho, recently sat down with popular blesser Serge Cabonge, who revealed that he had retired from the lifestyle. Controversial podcaster MacG has set tongues wagging yet again. “I’m tired of the game. We wanted to entertain the public when we started off, but there comes a time when you feel like you don’t want to continue in the game anymore,” he said.

“This is because there are certain things that come around, like how people look at you and create negative things on social media without them even knowing how you built yourself.”

The Angolan but South Africa-based man further explained why he had decided to call it quits. “We decided to give over to those who want to continue in the game.” He revealed what they did during their trips to Dubai with slay queens.

“We take the girls to Dubai to have fun and entertain people,” he said. But Phat Joe, who is friends with Serge, stepped in and said: “Some of them are fierce to give camels blow jobs, crapped on the stomach or face, crazy wild s.e.x with different people and then get paid for that.”

Serge added that they didn’t force them to do anything that was being done unto them. He also revealed that he was once jailed for seven years. “I don’t like to keep my money in a bank. I created my own safe at home and when I broke up with one of the girls I was dating, she gave that information to the police. The cops then accused me of money laundering,” he said.

Cabonge made headlines in November last year after the death of Zimbabwean socialite and multimillionaire Genius Kadungure when he said his crew was going to bury the late mbinga with lots of US dollars and expensive brandy. Kadungure, better known as Ginimbi, the flamboyant king of a life of glamour who set the Joburg and Pretoria social scenes alive, died early on Sunday 9 November 2020 in a crash in Harare, Zimbabwe. The businessman who hosted “all-white” parties that were the equivalent to P. Diddy’s was driving his R5m Rolls-Royce Wraith when he collided head-on with three other vehicles.

He and his companions were driving from an all-night party at Ginimbi’s own nightclub called Dreams. Cabonge said though Kadungure died young at 36, he had lived his life to the fullest, and that he was “an idol to many people”.

Kadungure was known for his expensive lifestyle, from clothes to the lavish parties he organised. The jewels in his swanky crown were his flashy cars and mansions. “His funeral service will be an all-white affair,” he said. “He was a man of class, taste and style, and we need to honour that. We are going to bury him with lots of dollars and expensive brandy. Ginimbi was a fan of international brands like Louis Vuitton and Versace. He could wear Versace from top to bottom, including his underwear.”

Cabonge, who met Kadungure five years ago, said he was more than just a friend. “I am still not fine. It is going to take me long before it sinks in. I had to cancel my international trip and I will be going to Zimbabwe on Thursday to bury him.”

According to Cabonge, Kadungure’s favourite partying spots included Taboo in Sandton, Moloko and Club Harlem in Pretoria. Cabonge said whenever they went out to his favourite spots, the excitement began before Kadungure entered the venue with girls asking for selfies and money. He said Kadungure gave away money easily and once inside the club he reserved a table for his friends and always offered to spoil them with expensive booze.

“Inside the club, he would leave all the people smiling from bartender to bouncer because he would tip them. Once I was with him in Los Angeles and Hollywood. I was shocked at how people were competing to get a selfie with him. Whenever we were travelling internationally he always looked for a place that sells African cuisine.”