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Elizabeth Tsvangirai  Akuzviwanza

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28 Dec, 2019 | Posted By: celeb Reporter
Elizabeth Tsvangirai Akuzviwanza

Elizabeth Tsvangirai  Akuzviwanza 

Elizabeth Tsvangirai should know better and maintain some dignity as the wife of the former president of MDC Morgan Tsvangirai . She has the right to live her life and enjoy it how ever she wants. However whether she likes it or not she has a reputation and legacy to maintain.

Morgan Tsvangirai was the leader of the main opposition party MDC and suffered a lot during his years  leading MDC .Morgan was arrested and beaten several times. In all due respect Elizabeth came into Morgan Tsvangirais life during the good days and never really suffered like how Morgan Tsvangirai’s first wife did. 

The Tsvangirai family has never been fond of Elizabeth and there was drama during Morgan Tsvangirais funeral. With the recent posts and photos of Elizabeth living the high life while the Tsvangirai family is struggling does not appear good . Morgan Tsvangirai’s brother and uncle have pointed out on several occasions how MDC  or Elizabeth have not helped the Tsvangirai family since Morgan Tsvangirai passed away In February 2018.

Elizabeth Tsvangirai needs to show a little moderation and tact in what she posts. Her posting photos in mini dresses may send the wrong image and message. 


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