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DJ Towers Vagara Mudish Promised Car Dololo

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07 Jan, 2020 | Posted By: celeb Reporter
DJ Towers Vagara Mudish Promised Car Dololo

 Social media comedian and wheel-spinner  Dj Towers who has been seen on several times seen thanking Mr Styllz and Teemak has been asked of the whereabouts about his car.

It seems the car is not coming anytime soon as Towers was saying on social media.The car was expected to come soon after the New Year but it seems its all tha ks everyday with no action.Towers who is Takura’s rival for a while now risks getting mocked if he does not get the car end of this week.

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Takura responds to DJ Towers as beef continues. Takura claims what has made DJ Towers go mad is the fact i refused to do a collaboration with him. Like I told you anopressa chete thats his talent begging. He calls me fake we all know he begged for the car Mike bought him!! He begs from Pokello, Ginimbi, Jackie Ngarande, Stunner and Tinashe Mutarisi.

Takura has reponded by saying DJ Towers is jealous of his looks, style and class. DJ Towers munhu anorarama nekukumbira and kupressa vanhu. He is not a funny comedian or a good DJ, “Every time you see that guy he asks for money” hapana munhu he does not ask for money. Towers everyone anonyadzisa. He has no pride ”

If you are a Zimbabwean Celebrity DJ Towers has begged or Cupressus for Mari or something claimed Takura. Takura won’t stay silent anymore he has finally responded to the wannabe comedian and club Dj, DJ Towers. Towers have on several times called Takura fake and he never responded to him. The Zvemoyo singer said it was after he denied DJ Towers a collaboration that’s when Towers began hating on him.
Towers took to social media to claim that the car which Takura is currently driving was bought one of Takura’s girlfriends. The claims have however been dismissed and Mike Takura’s manager is the person who bought the car. It seems like Takura’s explanation of their beef is believable than the self-proclaimed New Leader’s. Meanwhile, Takura who has been silent for a while promised a lot in 2020.

Zim Hip Hop artist DJ Towers is currently beefing with Takura over alleged claims that Takura is a fake person and amongst one of the most arrogant Zim Hip Hop rappers.DJ Towers made further statements saying he makes more money than Takura including how Takura is a clout chaser who should respect his elders in Zim Hip Hop music who is apparently miles ahead of him.

DJ Towers and rapper Takura beef escalates. This is after Towers took to his social media to blast the Zvemoyo singer. Over the past years and months Takura has not responded to any of DJ Towers’ social media rants. DJ Towers, who was recently promised a Toyota Mark X by Malaysia music promoters, took to social media to insult Takura about the car he drives. The tension between club DJs, DJ Towers and rapper Takura might not be ending anytime soon.


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