Constable Loses Police Uniform To Lover’s Husband


05 Jun, 2020 | Posted By: celeb Reporter
Constable Loses Police Uniform To Lover’s Husband

A POLICE constabulary lost his uniform, particulars and cash to his married lover’s husband after he allegedly caught then between the sheets in their matrimonial bedroom.

The community officer Israel Maisvoreva attached to Rhodesville Police Station Community Relations and Liaison Office was forced to engage police to let Simbarashe Mutanga bring back his belongings.

The aspiring guardian of law Maisvoreva is alleged to have taken advantage of bedding Tinica Denhere after Mutanga failed to return home guarding his tuck shop in Epworth.

Mutanga is reported to have collected Maisvoreva’s police uniform and took to his heels and surrendered them at the police station, impeccable sources told H-Metro.

The matter was handled at Domboramwari Police Station where Maisvoreva lodged a complaint of theft against Mutanga.

Denhere, a warehouse controller at a local chain supermarket, confirmed her sexual relationship with Maisvoreva arguing that Mutanga had abandoned family only to return after learning about her illicit relationship.

She described Mutanga as her ex-husband who is after finding ways to mend their marriage.

“I have been waiting to hear from H-Metro after the story became a hot issue with relatives of Mutanga threatening to tarnish my image,” said Denhere.

“On the day in question Mutanga came early in the morning and found me taking a bath while Maisvoreva was busy ironing my uniform in the kitchen since I was running late to report for work.

“He used a wire to open my wardrobe and hooked Maisvoreva’s clothes through my bedroom window and our neighbour shouted and he ran away.

“In the trouser there were more than US$100, six hundred bond notes and his identification particulars.

“We separated with Mutanga after he indicated to me that he had made a mistake by marrying before he was mature and he started cheating me.

“I have scars on my body of physical abuse in the hands of Mutanga that is why I decided to continue with Maisvoreva I have been seeing for some time.

“Mutanga started to show signs of returning home by asking to see his two children and I agreed and went on to introduce him to Maisvoreva.

“My relatives including my father knows Maisvoreva as my new lover and our relationship is now at an advanced stage,” said Denhere.

Denhere said Mutanga went on to hire thugs to attack Maisvoreva and the case was withdrawn before going to court following a family meeting.

Despite Denhere’s admission of dating Maisvoreva and confirming the incident, the latter denied any knowledge of the incident only to confirm presumably after learning from the former about disclosing the truth.

“Yes I have been in a love relationship with Tinica for the past five years and her parents knows me along with Mutanga’s two children I take care of,” said Maisvoreva.

“It’s now water under the bridge although the incident emotionally affected me in losing my money but I recovered my particulars mari inotsvagwa,” said Maisvoreva.

Mutanga pleaded with H-Metro not to publish the story arguing that it would affect his image and family.

“If I may know how the story reached you guys,” said Mutanga.

“I beg you not to publish the story for it will not benefit me and my family but tarnish my image and that of my family.

“I will visit your offices for finer details,” he said.


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