Chitungwiza distributes fake covid19 vaccination cards


01 Apr, 2021 | Posted By:
Chitungwiza distributes fake covid19 vaccination cards " 50 usd"

Recently, a report went undercover to uncover the rotten works that were reportedly being carried out by medical staff in some Chitungwiza Council Clinics. After one receives their first and second jabs of the covid19 vaccine, they are given a vaccination card that identifies them as a vaccinated individual. It is this system that posed as an opportunity for some medical personnel in Chitungwiza. Although vaccination is still voluntary in this country, some fear that they might need to present evidence that they were vaccinated at their employment places or for travel purposes, among other reasons.

As a result of these fears, some feel as though they might need to provide the evidence some time in the very near future so they go ahead and purchase fake vaccination cards in the meantime.

Others are against the notion of being vaccinated but because of fear that they might need evidence of vaccination to keep their jobs, they go ahead and purchase the cards.

The aforementioned reporter went ahead and posed a s a cross boarder needing a vaccination card as soon as possible. He reached out to an agent who finds clients on behalf of the clinic workers and they agreed to met on Wednesday 24 March at the corner of New Chitungwiza and Tilco Roads. It was there that the reporter paid usd$25 to the woman who handed him the vaccination cards and asked him to fill in his own information. The card is said to have indicated that the reporter had received his first jab of the covid19 vaccine on February 25, 2021 and the second on March 24 2021.

The reporter in question has yet to receive this vaccination.

Chitungwiza’s Director of Health and Environmental Services, Municipality Dr Tonderai Kasu has stated that he is yet to receive reports of any such cases. However he ascertained that council does not tolerate corrupt officials.

Regarding the matter, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the national police spokesperson had this to say on these illegal practices:

“People should come and report so that the law can take its course. Some people are definitely taking advantage of this Covid19. Those people should be brought to book”