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CEO of Nash paints Tinashe Mutarisi  shared  an emotional message

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12 Mar, 2021 | Posted By:
CEO of Nash paints Tinashe Mutarisi shared an emotional message

Girls ukutozvifambira hako wosangana na blaz avo muChitungwiza gore ra 2001 voti ndabva ku Hwedza nhasi my plan is to go to Botswana ndombonoita rese rese for around six years and my main aim is to raise capital and be a businessman like my father vane chigayo paMakwarimba.

What if this guy was to tell you kuti in 2019 I will buy a furniture company for USD5 million but company yacho itoriwo ne chikwereti che USD4 million but in a years time I will turn its fortunes around and in exactly one year it will be the second biggest furniture company in Zimbabwe?

Would you believe it if this mbira holding guy was to tell you that he will give you the Avion Riddim yakatipa one of the biggest stars in Zimbabwe today ?

Would you even care to imagine that this guy would part of the "behind the scenes team” of your favorite four artists who took 15 awards in four years?

How about you my other sister ? Would you hide food in your bedroom when he visits ? Would you listen to your husband when he tells you not to open your door at 10pm for this desperate guy ozonorara pa ditch repa Mereki achinatsogadzirirwa good size ne mosquito 🦟if you knew kuti this guy would employ five of your six siblings ten years latter?

Don’t blame yourself my sister . Yours truly was not even sure that this was all going to come to pass. I forgive and I will continue to take a chance on you even if you’re to try and harm my persona. Pple who I did not even like gave me this opportunity. Who am I to demand respect frm you before I start respecting you dude pple gave me a chance when there was no proof that I could even pull it off?

I will let love lead. You will catch up and get to know me better later.

Screenshot this ukahwa vaakuti you will never get anywhere neka college certificate kako ikako unongovati I understand your point king but I will try asi usatombo understande zvachose 😂 stay focused.

Come back in ten years wopostawozve yours and mine and that’s the day I will call my self the Kingmaker 🙏😢