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Bounty Lisa Aramba Treatment From Doctors Over Prophet Magaya Deliverance

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17 Jan, 2020 | Posted By: celeb Reporter
Bounty Lisa Aramba Treatment From Doctors Over Prophet Magaya Deliverance

Ailing Zim Dance-hall chanter Bounty Lisa is reported to have snubbed two appointments scheduled with medical doctors after having received donations from well-wishers and government to cover her medical bills. According to reports reaching iHarare, Bounty Lisa real name Lisa Musenyi deliberately missed the appointments citing that she was instead going to get delivered of her sickness through Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Walter Magaya.

According to a Zimbabwean a UK based well-wisher who was one of the music promoters coordinating a social media crowdfunding campaign for the ailing musician, Bounty Lisa said that going to the doctors would only be an alternative.

Speaking on social media she said:
Update on Bounty
Guys we tried our best as Zim n UK promoters to help our Artist but she missed 2 doctors appointments because she was ku PhD.
In her response she told us kuti Arikuda ku PhD coz ndokwaaka tanga nako. So isusu we got no choice but to respect her wish.
Thank you so much for all your donations n prayers.
We love her and we hope n trust kuti PhD will help her so that anoenda ku basa rake.
Please note all the donations went kwaari direct not Kuna anyone.

This comes in the wake of massive social media debate this week on whether Prophet Magaya’s deliverance attempt was successful after he was seen praying for her. Social media was awash with heated confrontations between Magaya apologists and sceptics soon after Deputy Minister of Youth Sports Arts and Recreation Tinoda Machakaire offered to pay for Musenyi’s medical bills just after her visit to PHD.

According to the state publication, Machakaire visited the musician soon after hearing the news of the musician’s sickness. iHarare is also informed that Machakaire had asked Bounty Lisa to get quotations from local doctors so that government would assist. The Deputy Minister also donated ZWL$5000 to the musician for groceries and to facilitate for transport costs.


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