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Apostle Chiwenga attacking Apostle Guti, Magaya Makandiwa

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05 May, 2021 | Posted By:
Apostle Chiwenga attacking Apostle Guti, Magaya Makandiwa "imbwa" read more

False preachers are beastsAttending AFM and Zaoga means you are torn by the beast .

 Guti is a beastGod does not accept sacrifices that come through a beastAll their followers are arrogant and proudWe ourselves we do not accept money from those that want to bless us as long they are not believersWe do not take any partnership or sponsorship from outside peopleMagaya is a dog , the bible says such money is given to dogs ,they accept those monies because they are dogsEveryone who does matarenda in Zaoga are not even heard by God , their giving is in vain ,their singing does not reach to God because the concept of matarenda is heresyThe bible says beware of evil workers who are dogs ,these are identified as those who preach the lawThose that preach tithing are dogs also If you are in this situation or under any of these preachers you need to be born again and believe in the truth of Jesus Christ