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Anne Nhira Was Preparing For Her Wedding When She Died

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20 Mar, 2021 | Posted By:
Anne Nhira Was Preparing For Her Wedding When She Died

A relative of Anne Nhira who died in Joburg last week has revealed that the actress was preparing for her wedding when she died, H Metro reports.

A lady who said she was Anne’s first cousin said she was in the midst of raising money to buy a gown for her wedding when she died as she was speaking at the memorial of Anne that was reportedly held in Johannesburg yesterday.

Speaking at the memorial service Anne’s cousin said:

I am her sister who stays in Cape Town; our mothers are sisters. I think I am the only sister here in SA…She told me in January that she wanted a wedding, and I was happy.

I was pained, is this the wedding, ndiwo here muchato wacho munin’ina. Last week we were talking about gowns and I asked her if she had bought the gown which she had promised. But she said she was still raising the money. The day she died, I sent her a message, which she didn’t respond to, it had one tick and I thought she would respond since she normally does that late. I then got carried away, only to receive a message from my uncle that she had passed on. I am still to believe that she is gone.

Relatives spoke about the late actress’s good deeds and her brother said he going to chose to celebrate her life other than mourn her death. The body of Anne is expected to reach Zimbabwe tomorrow and burial is expected to take place in Zimbabwe on Sunday.