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Affidavit of Ginimbi’s property dispute

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28 Feb, 2021 | Posted By:
Affidavit of Ginimbi’s property dispute

In details: Affidavit of Ginimbi’s property dispute. The family of the late socialite, Genius Ginimbi Kadungure is embroiled in a property dispute with Patricia Darangwa, wh claims to be an attorney and in possession of the deceased’s Will that he had left behind in her custody which among other things provided that she be the testamentary executrix to Ginimbi’s ’state. Below is an affidavit by Ginimbi’s sister, Juliet Kadungure.

In the High Court of Zimbabwe held at Harare.

In the matter between-

Juliet Kadungure                               1st Applicant


Anderson Kadungure                        2nd Applicant


Neria Kadungure                               3rd Applicant


Patricia Darangwa                             1st Respondent


Master of High Court of Zimbabwe   2nd Respondent

Juliet Kadungure’s founding affidavit

I, the undersigned Juliet Kadungure, do hereby make oath and state that: I am a female adult and the 1st Applicant in this application. The facts I depose to herein are personally known to me.

All legal conclusions contained herein are on the advice of and attributable to my legal practitioner’s record.

The Parties

The 2nd Applicant is Anderson Kadungure. He is a male adult and the surviving biological father to one Genius Kadungure who died on November8, 2020 (hereinafter called ‘the deceased’)

The 3rd Applicant is Neria Kadungure, a female adult and surviving biological young sister to the deceased. I am the surviving biological elder sister to the deceased.

Anderson, Neria and I (hereinafter otherwise referred to as ‘the family’ are beneficiaries of the estate of the deceased as his surviving blood relatives.

The 1st Respondent is Patricia Darangwa, a female adult whose address of service is 5th floor, North Wing, Runhare House Cnr K Nkrumah ave/4th street, Harare.