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A story of zimbabwe’s most famous Twins Collins & Sean Mnangangwa Read more

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22 Apr, 2022 | Posted By:
A story of zimbabwe’s most famous Twins Collins & Sean Mnangangwa Read more

THEY do their things in silently and they try as much as possible to stay outside of the camera. Many don't even know of their existence but their father, Emmerson Mnangagwa is the Republican President of Zimbabwe. 


Collins and Sean are identical twin-brothers and the Zimbabwean first family sons of President Mnangagwa and the first lady Auxilia who have vowed to be different children not reasons of being children to the president. 


The 35-year-old twins have academically excelled of which elder twin, Collins is an engineer by professional. In 2012, he graduated with a bachelor degree in engineering from the North China Electric Power University in Beijing, China after accomplishing studying electrical, electronics and communication engineering. 


According to his LinkedIn profile, Collins has been a senior consultant at Kurera Khulisa since 2015 up to now. In 2021, he partnered with Chinese investors to persue a gold mining project ZimCN investments where his the executive director. 


Whereas, young twin Sean is member of the Zimbabwe National Army, where he is a soldier. It's believed that Sean is part of the Zimbabwe chief's elite presidential guard troops.


Like his brother, Sean studied in Beijing at University of International Business and Economics and has a bachelor degree in Security and Business management which includes homeland security, law enforcement, firefighting and related protected services. 


It's now believed that president Mnangagwa as a father and family man his dedicated to the education of his family and has educated all his family without exception. 


Most of his children are employed or run their own business and are independent of their father with degrees ranging from diplomacy, business studies, marketing, law, nursing and engineering, creative advertising design, psychology and actuarial science. 


His is known as a unifier, humble man with a keen sense of humor who has always time for the children. He is dedicated to his family and to his wider family that is his country Zimbabwe. 


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It's Collins and Sean 


By Walusungu Silweya

SADC Twins Association Vice President, 

Global Twins & Multiple Births Organization 

Media and Publicity Officer and Co-founder of 

Twins Plus Foundation (Zambia)