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500 USD For Kikky Lobola

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23 Dec, 2019 | Posted By: celeb Reporter
500 USD For Kikky Lobola

Zimbabwe’s top female Hip Hop artists Kikky tied the knot with her long time man over the weekend. Kikky has been in the hip hop game for years and told us that even though she is not married she will keep making music. Besides being a hip hop artist Kikky and appeared in many videos.

His become a national name after she danced in the magate video with Enzo Ishall. Kikky is an amazing artist congratulations Kikky.

MULTI Award Winning Female rapper Christabelle Mahlungwa Better Known as Kikky Badass has become a laughing stock after her bride price money leaked.

Kikky Bad Ass is officially off the market. The rapper’s lobola was paid on Saturday 21 December 2019 by Benias Mupasiri who is the owner of Dynasty Cakes.

Reports has it that 500 USD was paid for the rapper.

Jahman vaifanha kuroora last weekend musi wa 14 december but he said pane 700 usd ndichawedzera isvike 1200 so ndouya next weekend achireva weekend yemusi wa 21

Akazoti paane 500 hazvina ku balancer and he came and paid 500 usd. Hanti chakakosha rudo zvimwe hazvina basa ” Said a close source.

Speaking to Benias , the baker denied that he paid $500 usd and insisted that he paid $5000 usd.

Kikky Badass also denied the on going reports as false and malicious.

Inini handi confeme zvinhu Zvekumama. Mamboenda pa social media mukaona ceremony yangu kuti yanga yakamira sei?” She said.

When asked if the bride price was a secret the controversial rapper said it was not a secret as the husband had paid $1600 a price which differs from the one her husband said. 

Haisi secret kuti akabhadhara marii. He was charged $3000 and he paid $1600 usd“. She said.

Contacted earlier the hubby had said he paid 5K USD


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