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20 strange secrets you didn’t know about Zim best rapper Mudiwa hood read more

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09 Aug, 2021 | Posted By:
20 strange secrets you didn’t know about Zim best rapper Mudiwa hood read more

Did You Know ?

I have Never : 


1. in my entire life. Just a personal choice I made since I was young.

2. Had a Tatoo ever.

3. Had a Piercing anywhere on my ears 👂, nose or anywhere. Once wore magnetic studs…

4. Tried smoking 🚬 anything

5. Dated 2 people at once 

6. Claimed to be a perfect guy but I am one responsible bastard who gives blood 🩸 and will never takes chances with life !!

7. Raised a hand at anyone or be in a physical fight

8. Been given free money more than $100 by anyone, if its not work. I have worked for everything than some of you thought were gift…it was payment for work done.

8. Had a nude or shirtless pics 

9. Leaked Dms or chats to embarrass anyone

10. Objectified women in my musical videos no garo or legs etc…😂 30 awards with 5 best videos still.

11. Believed raw s*e*x is better than wrapped one, it is always Principle over Pleasure 🙂. Be responsible, that is why i have one child in a formal marriage and still give blood 🩸. 

12. Belittled anyone on purpose 

13. Shared most of my important victories with the public esp my properties, businesses and important moves… I only post perfumes and phones!! 😜

14. Skipped a day without bathing 😂

15. Given up on uplifting and motivating others to get it right in this life even when I get trolled and trash talked, my purpose and assignment is bigger than me… I will always encourage positivity and uplift others.

16. Had a scandal, people choose to drag me cause i am famous and whatever they would say blogs run with it without facts… This is by God’s grace that i am not scandalous tho I am not a perfect being. 


When you build/ do business do it in silence the enemy will not know what to attack.


I am NOT a perfect guy, I pray one day i INSPIRE both this generation and the next as a good role model in our society.