Today we are celebrating 41 years of independence , Thank you ZANU PF for taking us this far 


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Today we are celebrating 41 years of independence , Thank you ZANU PF for taking us this far  "41 years  tichipihwa  zvinhu pachena sema nudes a njuzu "

Zimbabwe Independence DayZimbabwe Independence Day 18th April 1980 The Lancaster House Agreement, signed on 21st December 1979 by the leaders of the Patriotic Front ( Mugabe and Nkomo) and Muzorewa and British governments, called for a ceasefire, the drafting of a new constitution, and free universal elections within six months.

As the people of Zimbabwe celebrate their Independence Day, we recognize their continued struggle to secure the rights and freedoms enshrined in their constitution. We encourage the Government of Zimbabwe to support reforms to advance these constitutional rights and embrace an inclusive national dialogue that upholds the universal values Zimbabweans have fought so hard to gain.

Please accept my best wishes on this auspicious day.

The interim constitution provided for multi-party state with free elections on the basis of one man, one vote, but on two different electoral roles. Parliament was to have 100 seats, twenty of them reserved exclusively for the white minority during a ten-year transition period. Elections were held in February 1980 and although the Patriotic Fronts Robert Mugabe did not return home until 27thJanuary Zanu (PF) won a decisive victory and Mugabe became the first prime minister of Zimbabwe.

At the stroke of midnight on 18th April 1980, virtually two decades after the country’s Africans took up arms in the second chimurenga, just over a century after Cecil Rhodes landed in South Africa, and only eighty three years after the lands of the Ndebele and Shona were named Rhodesia by British Royal decree, Zimbabwe was born and Rhode’s statue was removed from the streets of the capital he named  Salisbury, now Harare.

Zimbabwe - the name is taken from zimbaramabwe, the Shona words meaning “big house of stone” – became a democratic republic headed by a President who administers government policy through a ministerial cabinet. General elections are held every five years. The two-house parliament – a senate and a house of assembly – were merged into one chamber in 1990.