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"Reopening Schools Was A Bad Idea"Health Expert speaks

A health expert, Professor Solwayo Ngwenya, who is also the acting CE of Mpilo Central Hospital and founder of the Royal Women’s Clinic in Bulawayo has said reopening schools in the middle of a pandemic was a bad idea.

Prince Edward High School in Harare has already recorded seven COVID-19 cases among Form 6 boarding pupils.

Speaking during an interview with The NewsHawks reporter Dumisani Nyoni, Ngwenya warned that a coronavirus third wave was probable and will be much stronger than the last two waves.

Ngwenya said interactions among schoolchildren will enable the virus to move faster within communities and this will inevitably result in rising infections. Said Ngwenya:

I have always said it and will always say that to me really, opening schools, borders and so forth in the middle of a pandemic is not a really wise idea.

Schools, yes, they have opened them, you will see that schools will close faster than they open because the virus is going to force the authorities to act and the communities will see all these warnings that we have given.

It will be so obvious to them and by then they will agree that indeed schools don’t need to be opened during a pandemic.

What happens if you open schools during a pandemic, you will then allow a lot of human-to-human interactions and children are vectors.

They move the virus around. Most of them are asymptomatic and not feeling anything but they can move the virus around.

So it’s a matter of weeks and months. You are going to see a lot of infections rising.