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‎Nigel Gwirikwiti‎  Analysis Mai TT & Zizoe Poor Acting

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12 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: celeb Reporter
‎Nigel Gwirikwiti‎ Analysis Mai TT & Zizoe Poor Acting

So , again , my words have come to pass ....

From the commencement of this acting , I explicitly indicated that it was not authentic. I vividly recall being intellectually crucified for saying “ Only time will tell the authenticity or lack thereof this episode. Their demeanor is betraying them ”. Regrettably, most of the netizens were oblivious to this truism . Mai TT congregants/ bootlickers moronically and conveniently flashed the “ prophet of doom “ card on me . In fact , in addition , they even recklessly and stubbornly flashed the words “ mind your hokoso” on me . By the way , I hate that word with a passion . I hate it , the way I hate Mr Lipstick’s scarf !

See, in my posts , I attempt to objectively, sanely , intellectually conceptualize a phenomenon not through a prism polluted with political correctness at the expense of logic. Clearly, the demeanor was betraying them . They were attempting to tell us that they were in love ; yet their demeanors were saying something different. Only 10% of the message comes from the verbalization of it ; but 90 % is projected through the demeanor. They dismally failed the litmus test of demeanor .

More disturbingly, the way they decided to end the script is very classless. Firstly, their acting almost gave hope to some HIV positive people and now they are ending the acting by hyphenating it with the stigmatization of those living positively . Very classless indeed !

See, when we analyze a phenomenon we need to objectively look at it free from emotions . Uncontrolled emotions tend to cloud a person’s conceptualization.

Mai TT and Zenzo are poor at acting . They should learn from the experienced actress - Auxiliary Mnangagwa. When she drove that bus , you had think she has been driving it for years !When in actuality , she has never been even a mere conductor !


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