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30 Jun, 2021 | Posted By:
"If you diss Ti gonzi it means you dissed Zimhiphop" King of Zim hiphop Tinashe Gonzara (Ti gonzi) speaks Read more

Tinashe Gonzara AKA King of Zim Hip Hop Ti gonzi speaks after Comic pastor blasted him " wakaita mbiri nekupondwa" 

"If you diss Ti Gonzi it means you dissed ZimHipHop.Hate the game,not the player.Yes I take it personal coz I worked so hard to put ZimHipHop on the map.Currently the biggest award in the nation is in our hands kuZimHipHop (Outstanding Male Musician (NAMA AWARDS).Hey you unfunny Comic,tenga sipo yacho tikuwachiseyi,tibva tatokupai beef muringuruve dzevanhu.Hate made me who iam today.Battle rap yakatirera.I don’t need support from any rapper ndokudai mese ndiriOne and ZimHipHop is in safe hands.To the people I apologize for the language I used still that’s hiphop.ZimHipHop is the biggest genre in Zim that’s why iam the current Outstanding Male Musician.Anoda kupikisa ndeyekwake this is not crazy "