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02 Nov, 2022 | Posted By:
"If Tinashe persists in raising false allegations against me ,l will take my life l am tired -Mai titi " internal sources ,Mai titi threatens to take her life Read more

 "I just want to Rest In Peace .I can’t believe this is happening to me . God has failed me this time ah inga ndonamata wani" Mai Titi  is depressed  following summons from his ex husband Tinashe which demands US $250 000 (Quarter Million) for defamation of Character by Mai titi . Tinashe & Mai titi divorce in an unamicable way following some misunderstanding between the two . Mai titi said alot after their divorce calling tinashe sorts of names defaming him, Tinashe went quiet the scandals went blaze which led to the cancellation of wedding papers.Mai titi woke up in flames after receiving summons with charges demanding US $250 000.

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