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 Breaking News Moana’s sister tats Arrested read more

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28 Aug, 2021 | Posted By:
Breaking News Moana’s sister tats Arrested read more

For Tatenda, losing two of her closest people in life must have been a bitter pill to swallow.

The socialiate, popularly known as Tatts on social media, has taken to the bottle and intermittently slips into substance abuse.

While most people attribute her relapse to the loss of her loved ones, firstly her boyfriend Delroy Scara Maripakwenda in September 2020, before another blow when she lost her sister Michelle Amuli, better known to many as Moana, in November the same year.

Life has been tough.

Sadder still, Tatts, who is mother to Kayla (almost two years old), has of late had brushes with the law following a relapse.

She has been to court facing allegations of assault. At least three cases involving violence and assault were opened recently at Machipisa Police Station in Highfield.

She allegedly had a brawl with her boyfriend, only identified as Sean, and was arrested Wednesday.

According to police reports, she said she hit Sean in self-defence. The other case involves her mother, whom she accuses of bewitching her while the other case was on drug charges together with her brother Tashinga (18).

Of late, Tatts has been hallucinating a lot whenever she takes to social media. There is no doubt she needs help.

It is all the more startling that Tatts is carrying her baby wherever she goes. The child is exposed to the unthinkable.

Sources in Highfield suburb where she lives told Zimeyenews  that Tatts had gone nuts and is now into hurling abuse at everyone, including her mother.
During an interview on Mangungundengu Podcast, she is seen holding her baby while she sips a drink from a cup.

There are fears that if Tatts does not get urgent attention she could get wasted and get infected with some common viruses such as HIV from those she now surrounds herself with during her excursions.